Zoin | Cryptocurrency with anonymity features

Zoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency created to ensure your transactions are secure, private, and untraceable. Our technology is based on Zerocoin Protocol which provides you complete anonymity over your funds.

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Zoin Specifications

The vision of Zoin is to create a coin that is evolving through the community,
therefore the founder reward was removed.

POW Algo

Lyra2Zoin - Lyra2(2, 330, 256)

Initial Reward

100 ZOI

Target Time

2.5 minutes - Reward halves every 210000 blocks

Total Coins

~ 21 million - Mined blocks mature in 120 blocks

No Premine, No ICO

CPU Only


Roadmap 2017/2018

Check the roadmap for Zoin during 2017 / 2018

Expansion of Team Zoin

Mac and Linux Wallet

Add Exchanges

New Pool

Mobile Wallet

Full time Zerocoin Protocol

Encrypted Chat System

Web Wallet

Web Tor Wallet

Zoin Masternodes (25 000 ZOI)

Community designed Governance: voting


Windows Wallet

Linux Wallet

Mac Wallet

Market Cap

Our Team

We are always looking for new people to join our team.


Christian Sander

@pellkopf | Germany | Advisor


Tseng Ma

@tsengma | Singapore | Developer


Erik Wertheim

@erikw79 | Czech Republic | Advisor


Omar Saidani

@om83 | France | Communication and Marketing


Greg Kucmierz

@gkucmierz | Poland | Software Engineer


Han Youhong

@hanyh2004 | China | Blockchain Expert


Matthew Tawil

@jackieboy | United States | Developer


Max Werner

@NotAWiz4rd | Germany | Developer